Thursday, June 24, 2010

Reviewster review: Comcast

So, are you one of those people that just moved somewhere new and want to know what kind of TV company you should use, you will really want to read this. First of all, you need to know the average percentage of people that have Comcast out of five 100 people polls - 54%. 29% of people use Satellite dish. 17% used any of the remaining companies (including Atlantic Broadband).

So if you are on the line about whether or not to get Comcast, the take the following into perspective:
  • Comcast is voted having the fastest service and the largest channel selection(and definition) for less than its competition
  • It is voted the most reliable service
  • Unlike Atlantic Broadband, Comcast will be featured with Panasonic 3D TVs
  • A larger percentage of people have it
  • If you are planning to get voice (phone) service and internet service as well as getting TV, then pick Comcast, because it has the best bundle plans (sometimes even including promotions like a free Wii Console or DSI with every triple bundle pack)
II give Comcast a 10/10 for TV services. So I hope that this is a good review that will help you decide whether or not to get Comcast. My advice is to get it.

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